Just Quality Services - Bait and switch sales practices


Bait and switch sales practices.

I contacted Genivea from Just Quality services / Just Quality Movers at 815-403-5422 on Tuesday April 2nd and arranged for moving at 10:00 April 3rd.

On the morning of April 3rd Genivia contacted me and stated that they had a larger job and would not be able to do my move that day as agreed to. Genivia gave me the name and number of another company that was able to do the move that day. When I contacted the other company, they were over 1.5 times more in price.

I contacted Genivia again and then made arrangements for a Friday April 5th moving. When I called to confirm on April 4th all I got was voicemail (multiple times), when I called on the 5th again to confirm our reservations for that day, all I got was voicemail (multiple times).

I never did receive a call back.

I found this company advertising on Craigslist, and the phone number given above just roles to a generic Sprint voice mailbox with just the phone number, there is no mention of the company name.

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